Swallowing cum as going away present

⁣Congratulations on being accepted to your #1 choice of school, Big Brother! I'm.. happy for you, hah... Hey, when are you leaving, again? Ah... I bet you're pretty nervous, huh. Excited? You know, I'll miss you... a lot... Listen, I want to give you a really special Going Away present. But, you can't say a word about this. I know you've wanted to do this again for a long time now. How often have you fantasized about it? Your younger sister being so close to you like this. I have too... Please, let your baby sister suck you and swallow your cum before you leave for college. Just you, me, my warm tongue and soft hands... our little secret. I wanna show you exactly how much I'll miss you. Maybe, if you like this enough, I can persuade you to visit more often!

October 16, 2023