Taboo Step-Mommy Talk #18

This afternoon I walked in to my bedroom and caught my step-son Billy in my room. I asked him what he was doing in there and then I noticed one of my drawers was open. It was my panty drawer with panties sticking out of it. "What were you doing in step-mommy's panty drawer sweetie?" "I pulled the panty out that was sticking out and said were you smelling step-mommy's panties again?" "Were you going to rub step-mommy's panties on your dick again?" I know how much they turn you on sweetie. I then asked him if wanted to see my new lingerie I was wearing. I then told him that step-mommy got new panties today and that I'm wearing them right now. "Do you want to see step-mommy's panties?" I then rubbed my hands on my see-through top and said that I had a new pretty bra on that I wanted him to see. I slowly unbuttoned my top and to show off my flowery black & white bra. I rubbed my hands on it and then lifted up my tight white skirt to show my new black lace panties. "Do you like step-mommy's new bra and panties sweetie?" "Isn't it sexy on step-mommy?" "Do you want to see step-mommy's big titties sweetie?" I then pulled my bra down to show them and started rubbing them and then pinched and played with my nipples. "Step-Mommy's boobie's are so big and soft." "I know how much you like looking at them and sucking on step-mommy's nipples." "Look how hard they get when step-mommy pulls and tugs on her nipples." "It makes step-mommy feel good when she plays with them." "Do you like watching step-mommy play with her nipples?" "Look how hard their getting!". "It's making step-mommy's pussy real wet.". "When step-mommy's pussy gets wet she gets real naughty." "Do you like it when I'm a naughty step-mommy?" I then strip off some more clothes and get on the bed. I lay back and spread my legs and ask my step-son if he wants to see step-mommy's pussy spread open. I then finger myself and show him my wet fingers. "Look how wet step-mommy is!" "Step-Mommy is getting very excited!". I see your dick is getting hard to. "Pull your shorts off honey and let step-mommy see how hard your dick is getting. "Oh my, you are so hard for step-mommy!" "Rub your dick sweetie." "Yes, just like that!". "Do you like how that feels when you rub it?" "It feels good doesn't it!?" Step-Mommy's pussy feels good when she fingers it too. "See how wet your making step-mommy while she watches you.". I like seeing how hard your dick is getting for step-mommy! "Do you want step-mommy to stroke it for you?" Yes honey, step-mommy knows exactly how you like it." Step-Mommy can please you. Come closer to step-mommy so I can stroke your dick for you. "You are so hard honey!". Step-Mommy loves stroking your dick for you! Step-Mommy will make you cum really good too! I continue stroking his dick for a long time and then tell him that I'm ready for him to cum for me. "Okay sweetie, I'm going to stroke your dick faster and harder now." "Cum for step-mommy!" "That's it sweetie, give me that big load!". He shoots out a very big load all over step-mommy's tits. I like it when you cum for step-mommy! I then run my fingers over the cum and put it up to my lips to taste it. Your cum is so sweet honey!


December 22, 2023