Taboo Stories, Big Step-Brother's Secret (Condom Tearing)

Gwen and her older step-brother Doug lived with their step-mother Rachel. Their parents had divorced several years ago. Rachel had to work 2 jobs to keep up with the mortgage. Doug also worked full time and gave his step-mom his paycheck to help support her and his younger step-sister. Rachel loved them both so for staying with her. Gwen attended college and was on the honor roll. Rachel was so proud of them both. Doug came home early one day. He heard moaning and giggling coming from his room. He crept to the door and saw his step-sister in his bed with a guy under the covers between her legs. He froze. He wanted to burst in and throw the guy out. Confused, he watched for a minute then walked away. The next day he came home and found her in the shower with another guy fucking. He stood outside the door listening to his step-sister's moans. His cock grew erect. This confused him and angered him at the same time. He left not saying a word. Doug went to his room where he laid on the bed. He tried to sort out what he was feeling. He kept picturing his step-sister fucking and sucking cock. His cock grew hard again. He stroked himself while fantasizing about her. Still confused, his lust grew into anger. He went to Rachel hoping she could put a stop to Gwen's indiscretions. He told Rachel about the guys and the sex Gwen was having at the house while they both worked. Rachel covered her ears. She did not want to hear that her star student step-daughter was doing such things. Rachel saw how serious Doug was and promised she would take care of it. Gwen came home from school and they both talked about Doug's feelings. Rachel left for work. Doug came home and Gwen was waiting. They talked about what was bothering him. Gwen laughed and accused him of being jealous. Doug became very defensive. Gwen had never seen her big step-brother so protective before. She tried to calm him but he stormed off to his room. Gwen went to her room and lay on her bed. She began to fantasize about her big step-brother's cock in her. He was so concerned he must love her unconditionally. No boyfriend had ever loved her like that. Gwen masturbated thinking about him. She had a huge orgasm which Doug heard from his room. He was stroking himself too. Gwen called him to her room. He reluctantly went. She sat him on her bed and told him she understood his frustrations and knew how to resolve them. She pushed him back and began to stroke his cock through his pajamas. Doug was stunned but did not stop her. She smiled knowing he wanted her. She pulled his long hard cock out and plunged it in her hot mouth. Doug let out a gasp. Gwen was wet and ready to fuck her step-brother. She had a condom waiting. She slowly and awkwardly rolled the condom on his cock. They fucked hard, both lusting at the thought that they were committing ncest. Doug took her in several positions. Finally he had her doggystyle. He thought of the other guys she had fucked and became enraged. Doug knew he must take extreme measures to prevent this from recurring. He tore the tip of the condom off, exposing the head of his cock. Gwen asked what was taking so long. He plunged his half bare cock back into his step-sister until he came deep inside her womb. Gwen came with him. When she rolled over she felt a gush come out of her pussy. She opened her legs and saw cum oozing out. She asked if the condom broke. Doug told her that he hoped she was pregnant. Gwen tried to squeeze his cum out of her but it was too late. Only her big step-brother would love her pregnant.


November 30, 2023