Taking advantage of drunk dad

⁣Dear Diary As you know I've been having fantasies about my daddy. Last weekend Mommie was gone and Daddy came in late from the bar. He laid on the floor and was out of it in no time. I heard his breathing deepen and my fantasy took control. I got on my knees and undid his pants slowly. I gingerly took his cock in my mouth looking for signs of him stirring but the only thing moving was his cock. It got so hard in my mouth I lost control, stripped off my clothes and straddled Daddy. I slid his cock in my pussy and Daddy smiled groggily. I rode him slowly, building up speed to my first orgasm. I had to feel him deeper so I turned around and rode him til I came again. I turned back around and rode Daddy hard and fast giving myself an earth shattering orgasm. It was then that I realized Daddy came inside me. In his stupor he must have thought I was mom, hopefully I wasn't ovulating. Wish Me Luck Vionah

October 16, 2023