Tasting Forbidden Fruit Of Stepmom

Stacy is out of the shower....bare naked....and rubbing lotion on her body. Stacy can't reach to put the lotion on her back, so she calls for her Husband to come in and do it for her. Stacy calls and calls for him...but he doesn't respond. Eventually, her Step-Son Andrew comes upstairs to see what all her yelling is about. Stacy is horrified that her Step-Son has walked in one her while she is completely naked, and she covers up. As it turns out....Stacy's Husband has gone out. Stacy needs the lotion on her back...so she asks her Step-Son Andrew to do it for her. Andrew isn't crazy about the idea, but her agrees to do it. After Andrew has applied the lotion to her back...Stacy asks him if he will rub her feet for her....since that's what Andrew's step-dad always does for her after she showers. Andrew, however, wants to draw the line there....he doesn't want to rub his Step-Mom's feet. Stacy talks him into it....and Stacy can't help but notice that young Andrew seems to be REALLY interested in her feet. Andrew denies it....but Stacy makes him show his penis to her.....to prove that her feet are getting him aroused. Poor Andrew's secret is exposed!! He likes feet. He especially seems to like his Step-Mom's feet!! Seeing her young Step-Son with an erection reminds Stacy that her "Old Fart Husband" can't get an erection anymore....so she decides to take advantage of Andrew's state of excitement....and She talks him into Sucking her feet.....and then....letting his Step-Mom climb on top of him and Fuck him!! Stacy rides her Step-Son like a Bitch in Heat!!! She hasn't been Fucked in a long time. After riding Andrew until she cums....Stacy dismounts her Step-Son, and proceeds to give him a Titjob with her Giant Boobs...before Sucking him Off!!!!


November 9, 2023