The Facepage Incident

Lana just created a FacePage account two months ago after her friends tell her it’s the best social media platform. After Lanas son, Bobby Echo, likes her photos she visits his room and finds him searching her profile. They begin to flirt and he gives her a massage. They start of kissing, but Lana undoes his pants and starts giving him a handjob and then sucks his cock. He takes her clothes off and sucks her tits and her pussy. After the cunt is wet he begins to fuck her with her legs straight up in the air. After that they do the cowgirl with ass in the air and head grounded in the bed while her red pussy is beatufully exposed. After rapidly fucking her he pulls out and comes all over her butt. He then takes pictures of her on his phone and gets send to the shower.


November 27, 2023