The Parents Are Gone. Let's Do It!

Zoey is a bouncy bored beauty sitting at home with her brother, step-brother. He doesn't know it but she has had a huge crush on him every since their parents married a few years ago. She is always trying to get close to him and now that the parents have gone away for a few days it's the perfect time to make her move. All he wants to do is channel and couch surf while she wants to get outside and go do anything with him but sit there staring at the t.v. A little flirtatious look comes over her sweet face as she thinks of the perfect way they can spend alone time together. She may look young but she knows exactly what she is doing when she pulls off her shirt to expose more of her tanned toned skin to her brother. He's not sure where she is going with this and gets quite uncomfortable. He even looks confused when she begins to touch herself seductively. Do you like it? She asks.


December 16, 2023