The Rylan Rhodes Family Album Part 3 - Fuck Your Mother Not Your Sister

⁣When Twins Ricky and Stevie, who share a room, start to get "flirty" with each other...things get out of control, and Ricky has his pajama bottoms off....cock hard....and is just about to Fuck his Sister Stevie, when Mom and Dad come in and catch them in the act!!! Mom and Dad are furious....and Dad grabs Stevie by the scruff of the neck, and takes her to the living room for a hard spanking. Mom, thinking on her feet....decides to "take one for the team"....and let Ricky have a poke at her, rather than his Sister. Since his cock is already hard and throbbing...Mom figured she had to do something!!! Mom sucks Ricky's cock, and then Ricky asks Mom if he could please lick her cunt...and then Ricky gives Mom a good, hard pounding!!! Mom takes it like a champ....knowing that she spared poor innocent little Stevie from this hard Humping!!!!

October 16, 2023