The Serum

After years of trying everything I have finally found an "unlicensed therapist" that might have the answer to my husbands ED. A highly experimental serum out of India. Once ingested the recipient will have mass flow to the genital region. I mix up the serum as told by the therapist, set it in the refrigerator and wait for my husband to arrive from work. While watching TV I notice my step-son is drinking from the cup with the serum. Oh no! This can't be happening...the therapist said its for old men with ED not young men with raging hormones! I send my step-son off to his room and quickly call the therapist. He assures me that everything will be fine...then asks me to go check on him and relay the findings. I open the door to find my step-son in a sexual frenzy with everything in sight! I quickly slam the door shut and ask the therapist for advice. What do you mean let him get it out? His step-father can't see him like this, it would be the absolute end of our marriage. Then help him!? Oh my god no that"s my step-son! I guess I have no choice but to take care of this problem before your step-father gets home. I find the courage to go inside amidst the frenzy. I put my sons dick in my mouth and begin to suck him off until he cums on my face. Hoping that would settle this matter I notice he is not yet satisfied and his erection will not go down, I offer my step-son my pussy. He takes advantage of me tossing me face down on the bed. I have to admit I haven't fucked like this since back in high school. It's hard not to get off on my step-son fucking my tight wet pussy. After all I was really just trying to improve my sex life. Fucking me hard he cums deep inside me, just the way I ask him to. That should do the trick...right? No, he is still hard as ever. step-mommy will have to ride him and drain his young balls manually. I make my step-son cum one last time deep in the back of my throat swallowing every drop like I liked it or something. I notice he finally looks tuckered out I think have fixed the problem in time. Please don't let your step-father know about this alright, yes just go to bed.


December 11, 2023