The whole family celebrates prom night

⁣It's Prom Night, one of the most important moments in a young girls life. But her special night has been ruined by her jerk boyfriend who decided to dump her the day before prom! That was also the night she would finally lose her Virginity! But Mom was going not to let some boy ruin her daughters life! She got another guy who take her. He was way better looking and came from the best family in town - hers! That's right, her own brother would take her! It was almost time. Mom and Dad were on hand to take pictures and embarrass them even more. Mom with tears says how happy she is and what a beautiful couple they make. They will be the hottest couple there! She fixes her daughters dress and tells her to try to look happy. She tells her that she should be excited that her brother was willing to go with her. He's so handsome and popular, all the other girls will be jealous! Her daughter starts to cry. She says this is going to be the worst night of her life and walks out the door. As her brother follows her Mom stops him and pulls him aside. "Now this is the night she was suppose to get laid so please look for a nice guy that she could hook up with!" Her son with the look of shock and horror said "No way I'm not going to do that" and leaves! The proud parents watch their darlings as they drive away. A little less then two hours later they returned home earlier then expected only to find Mom and Dad in a very compromising position! Seeing her parents this way just made this whole night a lot worse! "Thanks for officially making this the worst night of my life! I hate it here!" she screams,runs to her room and slams the door! Her son looks very disappointed and says "Really Mom? Come on Dad!!" Mom asks him not to go and she just wanted to talk with him. She tells his father that they need to go to plan B now. He agrees, gets up, and walks out of the room. She sits her Son down and tells him that if his sister goes off to college a virgin then she will have a miserable time. She lets him know that since he failed to get her laid that it's really his duty as her older brother to have sex with her! He is beyond stunned and mortified by his mothers request. She knows he must of fantasized about her at some point. He says he has never thought about her in that way. Then come to find out he has been fantasizing about his own Mother! She takes out his cock and starts to jerk it. Letting know she would do anything for him if he just did this little thing for sister. Meanwhile Dad comes in to find his daughter holding her ex boyfriends shirt closely. He lets her know that there will be a plenty of boys that will want to be with her and she is the prettiest girl in the world. She is his princesses and always will be. She loves her Daddy and would do anything for him. He tells her about Mommy's plan to have her Brother have sex with her. She is confused and doesn't know why he would since he has always been mean to her. But her Daddy says that's because he loves her and only wants to look out for little Sister. Of course he would want to have sex with you! Look at you! She is sort of open to the idea but is nervous. Daddy let's her know that he is there to help his little princess. Mommy walks in on her little girl sucking Daddy's cock. She tells her to lay back, get's her pussy ready, grabs her sons cock, and leads him to her wet virgin cunt. The plan has worked. Once the family orgy was almost over she told her Son to cum inside his Sister. Knowing she was not on birth control but Mom wanted to lick it out and share it with her daughter! Then she told her she would now have to take care of Daddy! Before long Daddy came all over his little princesses face! Mommy smiled knowing how happy her family was and will always be from now on!

October 16, 2023