Tickle And Finger Your Naughty Girl Dad

We're watching the game together when I thank you for letting me move back in after losing my job. I pick up the remote and change it to my favorite show, playfully keeping it from you, my step-daddy. You decide to tickle me to get the remote back but my nipple slips out and you stop. I taunt you again and you start back up. After a bit, I raise my stocking feet since I know you've always loved to tickle those the most. Then comes my confession that I've always left them in vulnerable positions on purpose to get you to tickle them. Oh, and I didn't really lose my job...I quit. Then I expose my tits and pussy and ask you to tickle there. How does it feel to tickle your slutty step-daughter? You're embarrassed by your behavior but I don't mind and coax you into more. Plus, it's too late to take it back now, as the floodgates are open. Why don't you finger me and stroke your hard cock so we can cum at the same time? Then, I can give you back the remote! Maybe next time I'll tickle your cock with my mouth. Aren't you glad I moved back in, step-daddy?


November 29, 2023