Trance Therapy

Chloe Temple has insomnia but the good doctor is here to help. Her trouble started when she went off to college, the dorms are just too loud. The doctor suggests that she must miss her home and her old bed, but she's not a k*d anymore. In her trance she agrees and follows his words as he guides her. She should try cuddle therapy and when he wakes her from the trance she spoons up next to him on the couch. She finds herself grinding on him, her pussy dripping with need as she moans in his ear. "Can I kiss you doctor?" she asks. "If you think it will help" he responds and accepts her wet lips against his own. She gets more and more worked up until she's begging her step-daddy to make her cum, its the only way she'll be able to stop the insomnia. When she cums she falls into his arms, he lets her rest there her little voice whispering "yes step-daddy" to his new commands. ---- Chloe lays on the doctor's sofa in nothing but a thing and tee shirt. She's excited to see her step-daddy again and can't wait for more cuddle therapy. She rubs his cock as he programs her thoughts, explaining that the best way for her to beat insomnia is to bring her step-daddy pleasure. She comes out of her trance and unzips the doctor's pants. She then give him a sensual and loving blowjob. She takes her time licking and kissing his cock, getting it drenched with spit as she strokes him and licks his balls. She begs her step-daddy to tuck her in overnight and she'll make sure he's satisfied. She'll do whatever it takes to please him. When she senses him getting close she begs like a good little girl for her step-daddy's cum. And sure enough once he does, her insomnia is gone.


February 8, 2024