Twisted Sisters

THESE TWO TWISTED SISTERS A YOUNG BOY!!! THEY INVITE HIM TO THEIR HOUSE AND ATTACK HIS YOUNG COCK!!! Margo & Cierra are two Single Sisters who have discovered that there is a young boy living a few doors down. The two "Twisted Sisters" convince this boy's Step-Mother to send him over to their house under the pretense that the Women need some "Handywork" done. When the young boy arrives to help the Sisters with installing a curtain rod....Margo & Cierra confess that there really is no work to be done...and the two horny Sisters quickly pull down the youngster's pants and get his cock out, before he knows what's going on!! The two Sisters pull their tops down and show the boy a whole lot of Big they play with his cock until it shoot a giant geyser...all over them!!! They make the boy promise not to tell his Step-Mom what thay did to him.....and vow to him again soon!!!


November 23, 2023