Uncle's Bedtime Story

OK, so 19 YEAR OLD GIRLS don't normally get read a bedtime story, but little Heather likes it.. she's afraid of the dark... And UNCLE VICTOR is only too glad to read his SEXY LITTLE NIECE a nice story... oh , it's PERVERT UNCLE Victor, isn't it... It's a story about a little snake who wants to get bigger.. A LOT BIGGER! She seems to be getting the idea about mister snake... PERV UNCLE is in luck! Check out the preview.. she looks pretty fucking HOT with "Mr. SNAKE in her freaking mouth! And Mr. Snake bears a striking resemblance to PERVY UNCLE'S BIG FAT COCK! The hapless TEENIE gets TRICKED into RUBBING MR. SNAKE to make his tummy ache go away, SUCKING MR. SNAKE to give him somewhere to hide, and letting Mr. Snake CUM ALL OVER HER FACE AND MOUTH to... well, it doesn't really matter why at that point, since PERVY OLD UNCLE he BLOWING HIS BIG LOAD all over her LITTLE MOUTH! She obediently STICKS HER TONGUE OUT which gets a good SPACKLING from UNCLE's SPURTING LOAD YUM YUM


February 10, 2024