Using Black Magic On My Twin Sister

WHEN HIS TWIN SISTER MELODY WON'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM... PETER RESORTS TO BLACK MAGIC!!! THE RESULT IS...AN INSANELY HORNY SISTER THAT FUCKS LIKE A WILDCAT!!!! When Peter's Twin Sister melody refuses to have sex with him again....Peter gets "creative"!! Melody tells him that the sexual liaisons they shared previously were inappropriate...and shouldn't have occurred...and that there is no way she will ever do it again. Peter resorts to some Black Magic to coerce his sexy Twin Sister into Fucking him!! Using a very powerful aphrodisiac called "Lust Potion Number 10"...which is even stronger that Lust Potion Number 9.....Peter fools Melody into drinking the potent elixir!! This potion turns clear after it is Peter pretends it is Grey Goose ...and since Mom and dad are away...Peter asks Melody if she wants a martini. Melody eagerly downs the evil liquid...and shortly thereafter becomes insanely horny!! melody fondles her own, big Tits...and then begins to masturbate furiously!! when Peter comes into her room to offer her more...Melody grabs him....and starts to suck and fuck his brains out!! Peter pounds Melody REALLY hard....and she cums hard while being fucked!!! Melody has no idea why she was so horny...aww....the beauty of Black Magic


November 11, 2023