Wrong Room

Exhausted from the gym, Nick is dozing in bed when he is rudely awakened by the buzzed stumblings of his step-sister Shavelle. It seems she's become confused in her state and thinks she is actually in her room. What's worse, when Nick tries to tell her, it becomes clear that she thinks Nick is her boyfriend! Before Nick can correct her, Shavelle is stroking the crotch of his boxer briefs and begging him to fuck her. Nick shrugs and happily obliges. Hiking up Shavelle's short skirt and sliding down her red panties, Nick is treated to the beautiful site of his step-sister's delicious asshole and perfect little snatch. He hungrily buries his face in Shavelle's ass, lavishing her holes with his tongue. Shavelle's eyes roll back in her head as she moans with delight. Despite being soaking wet, Shavelle's pussy is still too tight to easily handle her big step-bro's big cock. He has to ease himself in before she can handle getting pounded from behind. He marvels at her big jugs swinging as he deep-dicks his step-sister from behind. Nick lies back and Shavelle cleans her juices off his cock with her mouth and tongue. He can't believe how good of a cock sucker his little step-sis is! She slobs on his knob, gagging to take in as much as she can, and even takes her time licking his balls. Nick rewards his step-sister's hard work with a mouthful of hot cum. She keeps sucking long after he comes, letting the thick jizz escape her soft lips and slide down her step-brother's shaft. She collapse in a buzzed slump on Nick's chest. Nick quickly wakes her up, he appreciates the head, but now she has to go to her room for real.


November 27, 2023