Xmas Eve I Cuckold My GF's Dad & Fucked His Family

So Johnny went home to his girlfriend’s house for the Christmas break. It was Xmas Eve and Kali’s dad insisted that Johnny rest on the couch instead of in Kali’s room. Johnny said good night to Kali then pulled the covers over himself and tried to rest. A few minutes later Kali’s Mom, Casca walked into the room in a sexy nightgown and woke up Johnny, she then proceeded to try and seduce Johnny. At first Johnny tried to stop her, but her tits were so huge and he couldn’t resist touching them. Casca started blowing him then he went down on her and ate her box, after a few minutes Casca started to orgasm on Johnny’s face and she made some loud noises. I guess the sounds woke up Kali and thirty seconds later she walked in on Johnny sucking on her mom’s pussy. At first Kali got mad at her Mom for fucking her Fiance behind her back. Johnny tried to apologize but Kali yelled at him too. After thirty seconds or so, Kali cooled down and stopped freaking out, Casca then apologized again very sincerely and invited Kali to join in on the fun. That made Kali pretty happy and excited, so she decided to join them for a threesome. The two girls then proceeded to give Johnny a double blowjob. Then Kali sat on his face while Casca gave him a titty fuck. After a few minutes Johnny heard someone cough from across the room and he pushed Kali off his face. That’s when he saw Kali’s dad, Newman, watching them in his robe while he sat and drank milk and ate cookies. Johnny tried to cover himself up, but Kali’s dad told him not to bother and that he wanted Johnny to continue. Johnny tried to say no but the horny girls told him not to be such a square and they begged him for his cock. Kali’s dad then told Johnny that all he wanted for X-mas was to watch his daughter and new wife fuck Johnny. The girls then pleaded with Johnny as well. After a second or so Johnny gave in and proceeded to fuck Kali and Casca while Kali’s dad watched. Once the girls came several times Johnny shot his load on both their faces. Merry X-Mas Little Fella!


December 11, 2023