#Yes! I Fuck My Step-Brother With The Taboo

Im making you this video because frankly Ive grown to despise you and I know this will really hurt you. Why? You are a control freak and always accusing me of cheating. When you thought my step-brother and I were doing stuff that was way out of line. Who would think that? Yes I have been manipulating you from the start and I have a confession. I do fuck my step-brother. He is better than you in every way too. Its not cheating because we are family and if you want to stay my boyfriend you have to become our cuckold bitch. Yes, that's right. You will get to watch how a REAL man fucks and patiently wait to clean up all his cum. You should really thank him because now Im getting satisfied in the bedroom and all you have to do is the other non sexual boyfriend duties for me. I have been grooming you for this and as you watch the video you cant help but have a hard on. Soon you will want my brothers cock too.


November 27, 2023