Your Deeds Broke Your Step-Mother's Heart!

Finally, the young man join me with his presents. You should hurry or you'll be late for the school! Did I do what? Making you a breakfast?! No step-son! I didn' are or you think you are the big boy...well you can take care of your self! Am I right?! Is there something wrong?! You asking your step-mother if there is something wrong? You know it better then I do! Come on! How dare you to asking me after what have you done! little baby boy don't understand? Ok..let step-mommy make it clear for you and describe the situation between us! You past few weeks you've been very didn't touch me you didn't come to my completely avoided your step-mom, step-mom you love so much, right?!!! Haw dare you!!! Telling the lies like this into my face!!! I saw you...I've been following you and saw you to fucking that little whore of yours!!! How could you do that to your step-mother?! I loved you, I give you everything possible and even impossible...I let you to be my lover, you learned so many things about sex from me...and for what...that you can fuck young girls around!!! It's just not working like this young man!!! Do you have any idea, how did I felt?! To find out what do you do behind my back?!!! You just broke my heart step-son!!! So completely destroyed our love my step-son!!! No, no, can forget about this! My perfect body...boobs...bum...all you loved so's over! I'll never let you touch me again!!! What are you have no idea what the safer is!!! But you know what! From now on...step-mommy will also do what she wants, what she likes...any time! You you hear good my step-son! I will fuck around too! But as this is my home, my house...I don't have to going nowhere...I'll invite my man, my lover over here! Yes THE MAN, real man...not just silly young boy like your self! And I will enjoy his hard, swollen cock inside me like I never did before!!! Yes, this is going to be the real punishment for you my step-son!!! Your beloved step-mother will belong to someone else now!!! And I'm sure, when you come back home and you hear all the noises from step-mommy's'll watch!!! You will peeping your just can't help your self!!! And believe me...I know that too! And when I take my lover hard, big dick in my mouth...I'll watch you...deep into your make you see how step-mommy love his cock! When I sit over him, and ride him...goading...I'll watch make you see the pleasure that man giving to your step-mother!!! And are just standing behind my bedroom and seeing what did you loose...what perfect milf...the love of your life you lost just for fucking behind step-mommy's back!!!


November 25, 2023