Blackmailing My Cheating Step-Sister

Maggie is wearing a purple, lace bodysuit and Cory is wearing red lingerie while she pushes Maggie down on the bed. "You were a bad girl! You fucked my step-son, Johnny!" Cory tells Maggie. Maggie tries to deny it at first but she ends up admitting to it. "My husband treats me like doo-doo! So, yeah, I did have a little fun with my nephew." Maggie tells her. Cory insists that she will keep her mouth shut if Maggie will have some fun with her. Maggie is unsure about this because Cory is her step-sister. "If you don't touch me then I will tell your husband what you did!" Cory tells her. "No! I can't afford to lose what I have!" Maggie tells her. Cory hops on top of Maggie and she tells her that she wants ALL of her! "Why don' you slip me out of my lingerie? Explore my body just like you explored my step-son's!" Cory tells her. Maggie pulls her step-sister's lingerie down and she leans down to lick and suck on her nipples. Maggie strips out of her purple bodysuit before she gets in between Cory's legs to eat her pussy. Maggie keeps eating her step-sister's pussy until Cory cums in her mouth! "Do you want to do it to me next?" Maggie asks her. Cory gets in between Maggie's legs to eat her pussy next. "Oh wow! That's really good!" Maggie moans. "I want to eat that pussy out from behind!" Cory tells her. Maggie moves in to the doggystyle position so her step-sister can eat her pussy and ass until Maggie cums in Cory's mouth! Afterwards, Cory licks and sucks on Maggie's big, natural tits. "Like I said, I won't tell your husband... but... I can't promise I won't tell anyone else what you did to my step-son!" Cory admits to her. "You're fucking crazy... but it's kind of hot!" Maggie tells her step-sister. "Let's do this again tomorrow and maybe I keep my mouth shut!" Cory giggles.


December 15, 2023