Blackmailing Your Little Sister

You sneak into your little sisters room, she’s led on the bed away from you with a tiny skirt and knee high socks on. You can see up her skirt to see her cute little ass and pink panties. As you approach she notices you are there and turns around to ask what you’re doing in her room. You throw down a bottle of bourbon, she looks disturbed and asks where you found it, your parents are super strict and if they knew she had that then she’d been in a lot of trouble. She begs you not to tell them. Now you want something in return for keeping your mouth shut. At first she is hesitant and says she will not do it, but she quickly changes her mind when you threaten to tell on her. She opens your pants and your cock is already throbbing hard. She is shocked and impressed by your size. She licks, kisses and sucks on your cock. You’ve been thinking of a way to get this to happen for ages haven’t you? After a while she asks if she’s done enough to stop you from telling mom and dad.. but it’s not. You want to cum. She pushes your cock away and says she won’t do that. A few reminders of why she should and she happily obliges. She carries on sucking and wanking your cock whilst saying dirty things to you, it almost seems like she’s enjoying herself now. You are getting close and you’re going to cum all over your slutty little sisters tongue. She puts out her tongue and and you cum all inside of her mouth. You can see your cum as she plays with it and lets some of it dribble down her chin. Then she swallows the rest. She says that you better not tell mom and dad about the bottle you found and to get the fuck out of her room. Although I’m sure this won’t be the last time..


April 27, 2024