Confronting My Perverted Brother

Your wife has came to me and told me about pictures of me she found in your phone, pictures that you shouldn't have. so at our pool party i decide to confront you, i walk into the room that you're in and start of by rubbing oil on myself .. i then ask you to help me with my back while making little flirty comments. after i turn around and start rubbing oil on my tits while making eye contact with you and teasing you... once i see you're getting into it i decide to confront you and my attitude changes from flirty to full on bitch mode... i. completely tear you to shreds telling you how i found the pictures, i bitch at you for awhile before feeling a little bad for you and calming down, i ask you to show me what you do with the pictures of me while i start stripping and comparing myself to your wife, i then give you a blowjob and tittyfuck you.. really getting into it and asking you to tell me how much you want to fuck your sister.. i fuck you missionary ( virtual POV) while telling you i about how much i love your cock actually more than my husbands and how i want to fuck again after this... i then let you fuck me missionary while my tits are bouncing all over the place and beg you to cum on my tits but first i want you to tell me you love me. you give me a huge load all over my tits and i take a picture and tell you to hide it from your wife.


November 29, 2023