Crush On My Dad

This new boyfriend of my mother's, who insists to call him "Daddy" even if he is in his early 30's, is kind of weird. I always liked the guy, I have no idea how my mother made things work between them, he is so handsome... Well, my mother might be hot too, a Milf maybe but I never think about my mother like that, gosh. Because I kinda have a crush for the guy, so I didn't mind to call him "Daddy" as he wished. This evening that we're talking about, he came home with a present for me, a good Daddy has to spoil his little bratty princess, don't you agree? It was a necklace, not an ordinary one, but one that I would later find out that had magic properties. Don't laugh, it's 100% real! The proof: I didn't know that the item was special somehow, that it would do something to me. It seems that "Daddy" after all had some dirty thoughts, I wasn't alone, indeed. After I put that necklace I felt how my deepest desires, my best hidden wishes come to surface, modified my behavior while I relaxed, and I did not panic or feel ashamed of what happened after I put on that necklace: the sexual tension between me and my step father simply broke like a huge transparent wall and we started touching each other, unstoppable, insatiable like a Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is Juliet's Daddy. I had an old curiosity, to see how long his cock is... I happily noticed that it was pretty big (what luck!) and I put it in my mouth in order to do what I'm doing best: DeepThroat BlowJobs! Extremely submissive, I moan in pleasure when the guy pulls my hair. Of course, I give without expecting something in return, but Daddy was so kind that he pounded my pussy until I came for real. In that condition, bewitched and dizzy an orgasm felt like ten times stronger than a normal one. Well....I don't get fucked by daddy every day, so his cock in my cunt is a big gift. Big, you got me?:)) I made Daddy cum on my beautiful lips while I was stimulating him with my long tongue. Pretty, huh?


October 23, 2023