Dad helps daughter how to be a calendar girl

⁣Velma has finally gotten an interview as a calendar model. She is dressed nicely and asks her dad to help her prepare by pretending to be the interviewer. He asks her some uncomfortable questions about her sex life like how many times does she masturbate a week and if she looks at porn. She answers then tells him that they will not be asking these types of questions and the father replies that they will. He asks her to model for him. Velma strips off her clothing to her sexy tiny swim suite underneath. She models her hot body for him not quite sure of herself. He tells her that if she really wants the job than she will have to do more than model. She gets on her hands and knees and crawls to him and begins to suck on his cock. “Like this daddy?” she asks as she works his shaft and balls with her hands and mouth. He takes off her swim suite and fucks her on the couch. She is very vocal as she fucks him begging him to give her the job, and telling him he can cum inside her if she is hired. The dad can't handle his daughter begging him to cum inside her and explodes. His creamy cum is warm inside her pussy, and she puts the swim suite back on her cum filled pussy shaking her ass getting used to the squishy feel. I think she will get the job.

October 16, 2023