Daddy, you're not suppose to do this

2 months ago

⁣My Ex-wife is at the door with my daughter Shane with an angry look on her face. I've tried everything that I can with her and I can't deal with it anymore She says. Cory has full custody of Shane and now my daughter is back in my life at the worst time. You deal with her, set her straight She says and leaves me stunned. I've dealt with trouble girls in the past and this will have to be no different. Dressed like a slut she walks into the spare room and gets ready for bed. What a little brat she turned out to be, just like her mother. Good night Shane says with a sigh at her new living arrangement. That night I sneak into her room and softly pull off the covers. I run my hand over her tight young body and gently pull off her pj's. Her sweet pussy calls and I begin to lick her. Shane wakes up saying, Daddy what are you doing! You're not suppose to do this. I want to go back to mom She screams. Taking my hard cock I push it into her mouth and make her suck me off. I don't think it's her first time and she admits to sucking football players off before and after the games. Holding her by the throat I begin to fuck her out of her bad behavior. I tie her hands and fuck her raw, making her scream that it hurts. Softly she begins to cry as I have my way with her. This hurts me more that it hurts you I tell her. She cries quietly I don't want to do this. Don't finish inside of me, I'm not on birth control as I cum my big load inside her tiny pussy. She curls up into a ball on the bed, cum dripping out of her as she wishes she was back with mom. The next morning Shane is exhausted from crying half the night. Her body is sore in ways she never thought possible. I walk in and ask if she feels like her training is making her a better person. In shock she doesnt know what to say. How is being fucked like a whore making her a better person? She thinks. I grab her breast and tell her how wonderful she was last night. I think I need to go to school She says pulling away from me. This is far more important than school I respond grabbing her hair and forcing her to the ground. My cock thrusts inside her bratty mouth making her squirm. Oh god not again she thinks as I slap her face and fuck her mouth saying Do you want more? Demanding she say yes. Bending her over the table I pull down her white panties and slaps her ass hard. I will make her love being treated roughly. She cries and closes her eyes as my cock drives into her. I fuck her around the living room, my hand closing around her throat so she does as she's told. She's fucked until she's a whimpering crying broken slut begging to go home. I want my mom She cries to him. She tries not to look at me as I use her, staring at the ground until it's all over. I cum inside her tight pussy and fill her with warm shame. I give her the phone to call her mom to come pick her up. She will be the perfect daughter after this, or risk a trip back to daddy's...