Don't cum in me, Dad will know! I'll have to swallow the evidence

⁣Staci Fallon is the trophy wife of a local, wealthy businessman. Well, this businessman has a lazy son who has been in college going on 10 years and Staci hasn't been getting the amount of cock that she bargained for from her old man. Well, on this morning Staci's new stepson has decided that he's not going to class and she knows exactly how to put his lazy ass to work. She gets on her knees and sucks on his dick until he's completely talked into it. Then he places her up on the counter and licks her pussy until she can't take it any more and they end up on the couch with her bent over taking his dick. All the while she's telling him what a good boy he is for giving Mommie all that cock. After she's had two or three orgasms she lays back as he pounds her tight cunt while she begs for his big load in the mouth. And when she finally gets it she shows it to him before swallowing the evidence.

October 16, 2023