Helping Mommy Get Pregnant

Your dad is always working and doesn't seem to value your moms time. Her and your dad have been trying to get pregnant for MONTHS with no success. They recently started IVF and just like with every thing else: he forgets the appointment due to being at the office. Your mom is livid, you can hear her through the walls. You try to ignore their fighting and continue playing your video game. A few minutes pass by, and your mom is knocking on the door of your bedroom. At first you think she's going to take her anger out on you like usual but almost immediately you can tell it's something else. She's always nice when asking for things she wants from you, but what could she possibly need? She goes into the IVF troubles and how she's ovulating. Since your dad missed this appointment they won't get to try again until next month. help her instead. You're still not following, that is, until Mommy flat out asks you to help her make a baby. You're stunned, speechless, and a little turned on. How can YOU help HER make a baby? She assures you that if you have sex with her it won't be wrong, and that you can help in the creation of your new brother/sister. You can tell she really wants this and you love your mom too much to say no. Plus, you're hard at the thought of being inside the woman who created you, so you agree. She strips out of her sun dress and shows you those glorious tits - the ones you always jerk off to. You follow her into her bedroom where she climbs on top of you and immediately you get a face full of her breasts. She's really horny now, telling you how good your young hairy chest feels. Mentioning that your dad needs a Viagra just to get hard enough to fuck her, but you don't. She mentions how she may need to do this with you again if it doesn't work this first time and before you can reply she's slid her hairy pussy over your aching dick. As she rides you get to taste those sweet pink nipples which helps her have an insane orgasm while riding you. When she's finished she slows down and tells you it's your turn. She lies back and you get on top of her wasting no time getting your cock back inside that glorious hole. You fuck her so hard her giant tits bounce up and down and the look on her face is too much to take, so you blow that hot load right inside her like she asks. When you're finished she even lets you see the mess you made, before asking for a towel while she lays there with her legs up. She needs to make sure your sperm reaches her egg, and you certainly don't mind.


November 11, 2023