I Want You All To Myself Mom

Mom calls her son over to talk to him. She tells him that Dad just had a vasectomy and that he can no longer cum inside of her. If she got pregnant, dad would know it was not his and leave her. The son protests saying he wants dad to leave anyway. Mom says she needs him for financial support and cannot risk him leaving her. The son says he will not use a condom, he does not even know how to put one on. He says he will not fuck Mom with it on. Mom says she will put on a sexy outfit and try to convince him to fuck her with it on. She comes into the room wearing a very skimpy outfit, and models it for her son. He is turned on but still insists he will not fuck her with a condom on. She starts to suck on her son's cock and he gets fully erect. Mom slips on the condom and starts to ride her son. She says "see, not so bad wearing a condom and fucking your Mom". The son agrees and asks if he can fuck her from behind. She says yes. While Mom is turned around and bent over the couch, the son takes off the condom and tosses it on the floor. He inserts his raw cock into his Mom. She tells him it is okay to cum in her with the condom on, still not realizing that he took it off. He fucks her hard from behind and shoots a huge load of cum into her! he slides it out as she turns around and sees that he is not wearing the condom. She is pissed! She sends him off to his room!


February 24, 2024