Laser Hair Removal From Friends Step-Mom Complete Series

So lately i had been shaving my balls and it worked alright but i had been hearing that the way to go was laser hair removal. i wanted to give it a try and wouldn't you know it, my best friends step-mom was a aesthetician! i knew asking my friends hot step-mom to give me Brazilian laser hair removal treatment would be risky so i waited till my school lunch break to go over and ask. i knew my best friend would stay at school and his step-dad would still be at work still. so when i got to the Price residence i let myself in since the place was pretty much my second home! i found Mrs Price or Helena as she always told me to call her, i found her sitting in the kitchen typing something on her phone. we made some small talk and then Helena asked what made me stop by and i just came out and told. needless to say she laughed at me a little, she told me she still thought of me as the little boy who played with her step-son and now i was asking her to removal hair from my balls. once she finally stopped laughing and asked if i was really sure i wanted to do this and i said i was. she told me that i would need daily treatments for a week or so, i told her i could do that. i asked if this could stay between us, she reminded me that i was her sons friend and her husband would be happy about this either so yeah she would keep this on the down low. she told me that if i could come by ever day on my school lunch break she could git me in, i agreed then she caught me off guard and told me we could get started now! i said sure and she led me into her bedroom where there was a table and lamp waiting. she told me to get undressed and lay on my back under the sheet then she left the room. once i was naked and under the sheet it hit that my friend step-mom who i had always had a crush on was about to see and handle my dick. then my problem got worse, my dick got rock hard! she knocked on the door and came back it, she asked me if i was read and i nervously said yes. she pick up the laser and slowly pulled the sheet back exposing my rick hard dick, her eyes locked right onto it and she froze for a second. i really think she liked what she saw but i couldn't know for sure. once she got over her surprise she started using the laser on my junk, she didn't a pretty good job of working about my boner but eventually she had to move my dick so she used her free had to grab my cock and hold it out of the way. it felt so good having a sexy milf like Helena grab and squeeze my dick, like i almost blew my load right there but i was able to hold it together. after a few more minutes and with my dick pre cumming she told me i was all set for the day, she offered me some aloe, i told her i would be fine and then she said she would see me tomorrow for my appointment! i got dressed and headed back to school! Yesterday i got a laser hair removal treatment in my balls from my friends hot step-mom Helena. when we finished the treatment i had to get dressed and get back to school since my lunch break was ending. the problem was having a sexy milf hold my cock while she did the treatment got me super turned on and i had to sit in my car in the parking lot because my boner wouldn't go down. so today when my lunch break rolled around i left school and headed to Helena's house. since the house was like a second home i let myself in and found Helena sitting the kitchen. we made some quick small talk and then she led me into the room, she told me to get undressed and under the sheet on the table and then she would be back. she left the room and i got naked and comfortable. she came back it and removed the sheet, when she did my rock hard cock sprung back up. i could tell she stared at it again for a second then she reached out and started using the laser on my junk. once she finished she got the aloe and started to rub it on my junk, having her oiled up hands fondle my junk was more then i could take. i just flat out told her she was driving me nuts, i told her about the boner yesterday and how i was late for class. she got a thoughtful look on her face and asked me if i could keep a secret. i told her i could and then she said if i didn't tell anyone including her husband and step-son then she would help me take care of it! i told her i would keep my mouth shut and with that she reached out and started jerking me off! having my friends hot step-mom give me a handjob was more then i could handle and before long i blew my load. she cleaned me up, i got dressed and she told me she would see me tomorrow for my treatment! When my lunch break rolled around i went straight to my friends house for my appointment with Mrs Price. when i got there i found Helena in the kitchen, we made some small talk and then she led me back to her room. she told me to get undressed and get on the table then she left the room. i got naked and a minute later she came back in, she pulled the sheet away and my dick sprung up and pointed at her. she got started with the laser treatment and grab my dick a few times to move it out of the way. once she was finished we were both quite for a minute while she just stared at my boner. i shyly asked her if she could help me like she did yesterday, she said she would but she didn't have any aloe to use for the handjob. so i just mentioned if she didn't have anything for a handjob maybe she could use her mouth. she gave me a look like she thought i was being silly but i kept saying please and she just reminded me that this had to stay between us. having my friends hot step-mom suck me off and then send me back to school after she drained my balls was awesome, i cant wait for my appointment tomorrow. I heard the lunch bell ring and i knew it was time for my laser hair removal from my friends hot step-mom Helena. i left school and headed to her house, when i got there i found Helena in the kitchen wearing a short silk robe. we made a little small talk then she took me to the room with the treatment table and told me to get undressed and on the table. she came back in when i was ready and with out any hesitation pulled the sheet down to realize my ranging boner. she got her laser in one hand and grabbed my dick in the other and started zapping my junk. when she finished she asked if i wanted her to help me with my boner problem before i went back to school. i said yes and then she took her robe off, once she was just in her bra and panties she lowered her head and started sucking my dick. after a couple minutes i asked her to stop, once she did i told her i really wanted to fuck her and to my surprise she agreed. she stripped off her bra and panties, crawled up on to the table and lowered herself onto my dick. i spent the rest of my lunch break fucking my friends hot step-mom! i now spending every one of my lunch breaks fuck Mrs Price in every room in her house.


December 4, 2023