Let's Fuck Your Step-Mom - Part 3

Things have really heated up in Rachel's bed. Now the MILF is ready for a good fucking from her step-son. She gets onto her knees sp that he can take her from behind while she licks Penny's pussy. It's all she can manage to keep from screaming as he thrusts deep into her. Penny, too, is crazy with excitement. She has got everything she had hoped for out of her boyfriend and his step-mother. Seeing that Rachel has been thoroughly pounded by her step-son, Penny decides to take her place for a doggy-style fucking of her own. The young man's stamina ensures that she is thoroughly satisfied. For a finale, the two women take turns jerking and sucking his cock until he pastes their faces with a huge wad of hot come. For good measure, step-mother and girlfriend exchange some it with a kiss. Afterwards, Penny is amazed at her success. You guys want to stay? Rachel asks.


December 9, 2023