Special time with mommy

2 months ago

⁣When Jodi takes a new husband, complete with a new Step-son named Jimmy, all hell breaks loose in the family house. Jodi has to re-assure her first stepson Levi, that just because the family is getting bigger again, that does not mean she will not have lots of Mother's special time for him! After packing the lunches for everyone, Jodi could tell there was something wrong with Levi. When she heard he was having a half day today, she knew she needed to console him that afternoon. Levi entered Jodi’s room a bit down, but after her soothing words, he knew everything was going to be Okay. And once they realized they were almost alone in the family house, they knew just the way they could show their loyalty and love for each other! Jodi also knew Levi would have to be a strong ally if she was going to keep this special family together and strong! Jodi and her husband came home from dinner out to find his son on the couch. This was a little puzzling to her because her stepson was supposed to be on a date with his new girlfriend. Jodi decides to try and find out what went wrong. Jodi also tries to coax her husband to stay up with her. It's been a long time since she has had an intimate evening with her husband, but he dismissively tells her he is heading to bed because he has had a long day. Frustrated, she goes to talk to her stepson Peter. "What's wrong? You can talk to me." Jodi says to him, trying to get him to confide in her. It turns out that the evening abruptly stopped for Peter on his date and he did not know why. "Maybe you were too demanding for her" Jodi says, as she has her reluctant stepson reenact the night. Soon both of them are being swept away with taboo passions. Jodi discovers that the problem might lie in her own stepson’s pants. As they further their play, Peter cock is growing to startling lengths. Could it be her stepson's girlfriend was just scared of his large penis? As she keeps an eye out down the hall for her husband, she shows him how to be gentle with his large penis. "Let's just act like I'm your girlfriend for the night. I will show you how to use your penis and not split the young girl." Jodi takes charge and slides Peter's large cock in her. She gasps in pleasure as the full length penetrates her. Her son's penis is much larger then she is used to and it will take a few strokes before she can catch her breath. Before Jodi knows it, the size is causing her to orgasm on her own stepson's young manhood. "Am I too big for you?" He asks, as his Jodi screams in pleasure trying to muffle herself with the pillows. "No, No, this is perfect! Keep sliding it in and out slowly". Jodi pushes against the large member until her step-son in his youth can't take it anymore. Knowing he is about to burst, she stops him from filling her with the forbidden seed, and has him spin around so she can see his ejaculation pump from his cock on her heaving breasts. Jodi reassures her stepson that if he is gentle, and does it just like that with his girlfriend, it should not be awkward and there should be nothing to fear.