Mom takes son's virginity before bootcamp

⁣It has been the wildest 48 hours of my life. Yesterday was graduation, and I'm headed to bootcamp in less than 2 days. But I also lost my virginity, though, not quite the way I had planned... Last night I went over to my girlfriend's house after all the graduation stuff. We had been planning it for weeks. I was finally going to give it to her, after a year of waiting. It was supposed to be freaking magical. I am the only decent looking guy that I know that is still a virgin. But Sarah is so hot, and she just kept promising it would happen. Anyway, she totally dumped me. Right before bootcamp! My first break up. I guess my first 'broken heart' but I felt like my dick had really gotten the worst of the deal. When I got home, my smoking hot mom was around and she could tell right away something was wrong. I explained how Sarah had dumped me, how she wants to be with someone who is going to be here, or whatever. After I talked with Mom I just wanted to go to bed. That's where it gets really crazy. As soon as I got comfortable I heard a knock on the door. Mom comes in to check on me, but she was only wearing a tiny, sexy, silky robe and her underwear. Then she leaned in and teased me, asking if I have ever had a blowjob. I lied and told her 'No' but that was one of the activities Sarah occasionally allowed now that we had been together for so long. I think when it started out Mom was trying to comfort me, but with my dad gone all of the time, I know she needs some comforting too. Eventually she plants her beautiful lips on the tip of my dick. Then she proceeds to suck it until I have a mega boner. She pauses to strip down for me and I can't help but wonder how my gigantic cock is going to fit inside her little pussy. For my first lesson, she rides my cock like a mechanical bull, grinding her hips and working my dick to arrive at orgasm after just a few intense minutes. But Mom doesn't stop there! Then she slides off so I can pound her missionary off the side of the bed, watching her gorgeous MILF titties bouncing with each thrust. I can tell I am getting close to cumming, and I guess she could too. Mom then flipped over and let me hit it from behind. What a view of her taking that big dick and cumming all over it. I splooged all inside of her as she was writhing on my member in pleasure. Now I'm not a virgin! And I've got a pretty hot story for bootcamp. Thanks, Mom

October 16, 2023