Mommy says goodnight with more than a kiss

⁣Mom comes to tuck Johnny into bed for the evening when she notices that her sweet little Johnny is not so little anymore! Her poor son has a massive erection, that cant be very comfortable to sleep on she says to him, do you want Mommy to help you fall asleep like she used to do with you and your sister? She joins him on his bed and begins telling him how shed just finished giving his little sister a good and healthy orgasm to help her fall asleep, now it was his turn. Although she had been keeping up with his sisters nightly climaxes, its been some time since shed given Johnny anything more than a goodnight kiss. She rests her head on his inner thigh, slowly stroking his massive cock and looking up at him, my how youve grown! Im so proud of you, she boasts with excitement. When I first started with your sister she was very tight Mommy tells him. I began with just one finger then two, three, you would'nt believe what I can fit in your sister now! Johnny is so turned on thinking about his sisters tight little fuck hole! Johnnys racing heartbeat and heavy breathing are clear indicators that hes close to cum, do you want Mommy to suck your cock for you? She teases him, licking up and down his shaft and balls before finally taking his entire cock into her whore mouth. He loves and appreciates how shes always been such a caring and sweet mother, he feels lucky to be her son. As any good mother should, she senses hes ready and looks up at him smiling and encouraging him to cum all over Mommys face, to which he instantly obliges. She then lovingly cleanses him by licking the sweet nectar off of his cock, stomach and fingers, asking help Mommy make you clean. Johnny knows that he is going to sleep so much better now! This is a great POV clip with plenty of sexy eye contact and very naughty talking!

October 16, 2023