Motherly Lesson In Sex

JOHNNY'S MOM DECIDES HE SHOULD LEARN ABOUT SEX AND SHE WANTS HIM TO LEARN FROM AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN.....HER!!! MOM LOVINGLY TEACHES HER SON HOW TO SUCK AND FUCK.... JOHNNY IS SO EXCITED HE CUMS INSIDE HIS MOM IN LESS THAN A MINUTE!!! When young Johnny gets to that age when he is getting very interested in girls....his Mom calls him into her bedroom for a chat. Mom explains to Johnny that his desires are very normal....and that he is ready to explore sex....but it would be best if he explored it with somebody experienced and safe for his first time.....and it should be his Mom!!! Johnny is hesitant....but Mom confesses to him that his older Brother Jimmy learned the same way!! Mom tales Johnny's clothes off, and lovingly shows him how to lick her pussy and suck on her big Tits. Johnny gets very excited by practicing on his Mom. Next, Mom sucks Johnny's cock for him....and the youngster becomes VERY excited and has a big, throbbing hard on. Mom feels that Johnny is now ready to lose his Virginity, so she instructs him to climb on top of her, and insert his penis inside her pussy. Johnny follows his Mom's directions...and he begins to pump away on his Mother. Johnny's first time doesn't last very long, however....and he ejaculates quite quickly inside Mom. Mom praises Johnny for doing a good job on his first experience...and sends him to get a towel for clean up.


December 22, 2023