New assistant for daddy

⁣Nikki and Cory arrives at the office. They had made a deal for the daughter to work at dad's office to help pay for her car payments. They walk into dad's office and mom tells dad in the presence of the daughter, that he shouldn't cut her any slack and make her actually work for the money she'll be earning. Cory asks the dad to tell the daughter her daily duties as a new assistant and leaves the room to make a few phone calls. Dad starts talking about the work the daughter is suppose to do, also emphasizes that she should keep her phone on vibrate or silent while working; since he knows these days are pretty much addicted to mobile browsing/texting/etc. Daughter has other plans than doing paper work, so even with mom just outside the room making her phone calls, she tells dad she knows "Exactly" what the only thing she should be doing is. She pushes dad (whos sitting in his chair) back kneels down and starts dirty talking to him and gives him a thorough bj. Mom walks in later on, but doesn't see the daughter since she is under the desk/table. She asks where the daughter went and dad says she went to get him some coffee. All the while, daughter doesn't stop sucking dad's cock and looking up at him. Mom acknowledges the situation and once again reminds him to make the daughter work hard for what she has to receive. Mom turns around to place another phone call. Dad looks down at his daughter who is looking back at him, and daughter tells her dad to cum in her mouth. As the dad cums in the daughter's mouth the mom tells she's heading out now and will be back around noon to bring dad and daughter lunch. While the conversation is happening the daughter doesn't stop sucking and cleans her dad's cock thoroughly. Mom leaves and daughter reminds dad that "This" is how she's going to assist him daily. Mom walks into the reception/waiting area, bringing with her lunch. Dad's at the counter/front desk doing paper work. Little does mom know her daughter is behind the counter looking up at daddy while giving him a bj. She asks dad how the daughter is doing. He looks down and thinks for a moment as the daughter looks up and sucks extra hard. He tell mom she's been hard at work and has been nothing but pleasant. She tells dad she's gonna head home for a sec and come back, since her friend was suppose to drop something off for her. (All the while, the daughter is looking up at daddy and is constantly sucking) When she leaves, the daughter gets up, goes to the front door and locks the door, telling daddy that she take her job seriously and wants to do a proper job. She comes up to her daddy, exciting him with dirty talk and jumps on his cock. Action and dirty talk continues in various positions until someone tries to open the locked front door. Moments later dad gets a call from mom. He continues to fuck his daughter while the mom is asking him why the front door was closed/locked. He replies that his in the back eating lunch. She asks why the daughter isn't picking up either, and he tells her the daughter is following his rule and probably put the cell on vibrate or silent. He says give him a sec and he'll come to the front to open the door. Dad hangs up and tells his daughter moms just outside the front door. Daughter asks her dad to cum inside her quickly so mom doesn't grow suspicious of how long it takes him to open the front door. Dad cums inside his daughter, pulls up his pants and goes to the front door. Meanwhile the daughter puts on her clothes, with dad's cum still inside her, as dad lets mom in. Dad points at his daughters panties on the ground, while he diverts mom's attention. Daughter hides the panties while mom isn't looking. Dad takes mom to the office room, and the daughter gets up and goes to the washroom to clean up. Dad and daughter Fucking in Various areas. Every time they fuck, Nikki turns the sign over to state that the office is closed. - Waiting/Reception area - Break room - Washroom The video contains a lot of submissive dirty talk like "make me yours daddy" with a creampie finish. Dad comments that he should really stop fucking the daughter and get some work done, Nikki replies that at least one of them is doing their job properly. The office is closed and Dad is finishing up his work so they can head home. The daughter comes into the office and asks dad to explain something to her and leads him out. They enter the basement which is set up like a dungeon. The daughter with a devilish grin asks daddy whats up with the basement. Dad stumbles on his words and vaguely explains that he used to do things with mom in here. He changes the subject and says they should finish up so they can head home for dinner, mom will be waiting. Nikki smiles at him and says that she also wants to thoroughly finish up her duties as the new assistant. She kneels down and unzips his pants. Dad comments that they don't have much time. Which dad's cock in hand (and stroking it), Nikki calls mom and tell her that they'll be a bit late due to some work dad has to finish up doing. When the mom is replying, the daughter slips the cock inside her mouth and starts giving dad a bj. Mom asks her to pick up some stuff on their way home if they're gonna be late. During the phone conversation the daughter answers with "m hmm"s with her mouth full or stops in between sucks to respond to mom. Nikki starts sucking vigorously and mom hears the daughter's moaning and slurping noise and asks what the noise is, in which the daughter just responds by saying she's in the washroom. After she hangs up the phone, she asks daddy to do whatever he desires to do with her. Action happens in various positions, and through out the action the daughter dirty talks to dad. Often reminding him that as his new assistant, she feels obligated to fuck him whenever and wherever he wants while working for him, and that daddy owns her pussy from 9-6. Action end with a swallow finish. Nikki reminds him that he has a morning BJ at 10am and an afternoon Sex meeting from 1-2pm. Dad laughs and agrees while the daughter sucks his cock clean so they can head home.

October 16, 2023