Schooled By Mom

Dava is a sexy mom who's catches her son at home and schools him in a way he never expected.. Junior decides to skip class and come home to watch TV. He's surprised when his mom Dava walks in asking why he isn't at school. "I'm tired of anatomy class and needed a break" he tells her never looking away from the television. Dava asks him if he has any idea how much his dad is spending for his college. "Junior you'll never be a doctor if you don't go to class and you need to stop wasting money your dad could be spending on me" she says sternly. Sean looks away from the TV and says "I knew you only married dad for his money. Why don't you leave me alone and do what you do- spend my dad's money"! Dava walks away and goes into her closet for something. She changes into the schoolgirl outfit her husband bought her and heads back to the living room. "What the hell is that?" Junior asks staring at his mom's outfit. Dava tells him if he doesn't want to go to class, she was going to take him to school. As she strips off her outfit slowly she notices the large bulge in her on's pants. She sits next to him and puts her hand on his cock. "Do you want to fuck your mom Junior?" she asks with a horny smile.


December 11, 2023