Sister sneaking in your bed in the middle of the night

⁣It's the middle of the night and your sister pushes her way under the sheets next to you. Close, even touching. She lets her breasts sway casually under her nightie, complaining that she's bored and can't rest. She's always been the mischievous sibling, but something about tonight was different. You could sense that your sister wanted something from you. Mom and Dad never talked about it, the one thing that was on her mind... The chastity belts. You both have to wear them to bed every night, ever since... Your sister makes you say it out loud. Ever since Mom caught you masturbating. She giggles and teases about what turns you on when you touch yourself at school. Katie's huge tits were no match for her own, and she playfully pulls her magnificent breasts out to prove it. Your cock instinctively stiffens, pressing hard against the belt's encasement. All you want to do is touch it again, to pull on it. And she knows it. Just like she knows how much her heavy tits make you ache. She smirks and brandishes a key. The stolen key to the chastity belts. She had it this whole time. You don't want to get in trouble, but she straddles your body, unlocking the belt. Your swollen cock springs out of the cage and against her leg. This is wrong, Mom and Dad locked both of you up every night to stop the two of you from... touching each other. But your sister would hear none of it. As her moans grow louder, your cock grows harder, rubbing against her warm vagina. Until you hear knocking on your bedroom door. Your sister dives under the covers just as Mom pokes her head in to investigate the noise. As she reprimands you for staying up past your curfew, your sister's mouth explores your throbbing cock under the sheets. You struggle to keep it together, but her wet, hot lips clamped around your shaft is almost too much to bare. She loves it, the way her mouth makes you shudder and pant as you try to hide it from your mother. And she will make sure it lasts.

October 16, 2023