Step-Dad Gets Caught Jacking Off

It's so boring at home sometimes. I already did all my chores and was going to sneak a peak on my Step-dads laptop for a while to see if he looks at anything interesting on there. Someone told me that laptops can be like personal diary's because they store a history of what has been viewed. My step-mom likes to go on about what a great sex life she has with my stepdad but something tells me she is lying or else why would she be telling her eighteen year old step-daughter about her sex life? Isn't that what people do to cover up something, they talk too much about it? I think my step-dad is kind of cute. He dresses like an older guy does but his pants usually show a bulge of some degree hidden in them. I admit to wondering exactly what is in his pants. I get a little jealous that my step-mom has a cute man and cock in the house whenever she wants. Maybe if I show my step-dad that I can give him something that she can't then I can have his cock whenever I want like her. I stepped into his office thinking he was out of the house but got a complete surprise instead! There he was with his cock in his hand jerking it to a very young sounding voice on his laptop. I knew he watched porn! And I also had a suspicion he might be into younger women. I took the opportunity and went for it. I teased him slightly with my young body before asking him to lay on the floor so I could finish what he started. Instead of watching that young looking girl on his laptop, I would give him a private show with my body. Once I saw how big his step-daddy dick was I knew I would make it feel so good that he would want to fuck me instead of my step-mom. My pussy has to be tighter than hers. I know men like tight wet cunts and after seeing his stiff dick, my pussy was more than wet for him. I climbed on top of his belly to give him a close view of my meaty pink pussy. As I rubbed my warm flesh mound I gripped his cock even tighter to mimic what it would feel like if he were buried in my hole. I told him I wanted him to show me exactly how to take care of his dick so he wouldn't have to watch step-daddy porn anymore, he could come to my bedroom and watch me instead. His dick was throbbing in my hand so I kneeled in front of him to work out his load. I was aching for his sticky cum to soil my hands. I was excited to know I was stealing his cum instead of him giving it to my Step-Mom later tonight. I begged him for his hot goo and he gave it to me. He spewed a good load of spooge all over my little hands. I was so proud of myself for making my step-dad feel good. I also told him I want to play this game again, very soon.


December 9, 2023