Step-Mom I Can't Cum!

You've had this problem for a while; you thought maybe you'd grow out of it but it can't cum! You try all the time, jerking off every night but you can't seem to make it happen. You decide you need some outside help, and the only person you can think of to confide in is, well...your step-mom. But you need help. And besides, it's her fault - she's always wearing these tight clothes and smiling, flirting with your friends, she's what you jerk off to most of the time. She kind of owes you some help... When you go down to the living room, she's on the phone texting about her girl's night plans. She goes out every Friday. You're nervous but you blurt it out: you can't cum! She tries to act cool but you can tell she's nervous. You tell her all about how its keeping you up at night, affecting your grades, your can tell she's falling for it. Her tits look gorgeous in a low cut, tight dress, her hair pulled up just the way you like. She laments that your step-father isn't around anymore, to teach you about this sort of thing..."Do dads do this sort of thing? Y'know, help? Well, I guess I did all the other paternal stuff..." Her excuse is just what you were hoping for. You can tell she wants to see you pull out the sizable bulge from your pants for her, and you waste no time when she tells you that she'll have to help you with some manual stimulation.


April 25, 2024