Step-Mother's Date Draining

Rachel was a sexy, money-loving, snobby, jealous step-mom to David. One day, she overheard him on the phone and realized, to her dismay, that he had a girlfriend. Later she questioned him on the matter - wanting to know the young woman's background, career prospects, earnings, etc. In Rachel's material-valued world, such things mattered above all others. The answers that David gave were hardly encouraging. Though he spoke as to compliment his girlfriend, Rachel drew only negative conclusions. She imagined the young woman as too poor, too common and too unambitious; probably just a lowly gold-digger. In short, she shuddered to think of her step-son having any involvement with her. However, despite Rachel's best efforts, she was unable to talk David into cancelling the date that he had arranged with his girlfriend for later that day. This was a set back but not a defeat for the step-mother. Quickly dreaming up a wickedly depraved scheme (anything was worth it where money and status were concerned), she told her step-son the following: Postpone the date by forty-minutes, then come up to her room to discuss how best to prepare for it. Naive as he was, David agreed. Once he was there, Rachel started on him again - trying one last time to make him cancel the date. She argued that she did not trust the motives of his girlfriend. She felt sure she was only after him for his money. Furthermore, there was the equally rich Digby family living nearby. They had a step-daughter around David's age. Why could not he go for her - instead of a nobody? Rachel sighed. If only David would allowed his wise step-mother to make decisions for him! But David proved stubborn. And so it was that Rachel made up her mind to go ahead with her scheme. This began with her getting David to lie down on her bed. There she joined him and announced that she would let him go on his date - after she had drained him of every last drop of cum. Her reason for this was simple. Being temporarily satisfied, David would not be vulnerable to sexual manipulation by his girlfriend. Then, if she really were a dishonest gold-digger merely trying to deduce him, she would fail miserably. The young man could hardly believe what his step-mother had said, but he soon got proof of her sincerity when she rubbed her hand over his crotch and asked him to remove his pants. Though well aware of the taboo act that was about to take place, he was unable to disobey his step-mother's command. He was feeling her full allure for the first time, and succumbing to it completely. For Rachel, the seduction of her step-son was easy and incredibly pleasant. Getting on top of him, she gave him a loving, toungue-twisting kiss that lasted for the longest time. She pressed her body pressed hard against his, and hiked her skirt so that he could caress her bare butt and her lusciously scultped, stocking-topped thighs. Later she stripped down to her lingerie, lifted her big breasts out of her bra cups, and leaned down into her step-son's face, inviting him to suckle on her nipples. As her lust-Tipsy step-son panted beneath her, she cooed that she was all the woman (and more!) that he needed. Much kissing and caressing later, Rachel took her panties off, lay back on the bed, parted her long legs to reveal her naked wet pussy, and invited David to get down and lick it. Her step-son seized the opportunity, and ended up lapping his step-mother's clit and tongue-fucking her with such skill that she was soon moaning and panting in ecstasy. Following that, Rachel paid the favor back by sucking his cock. Sensually and deftly she worked her lips, and ran her tongue, up and down his hard length. David was in heaven from his step-mother's expert attentions. He ran his hand loving through the brunette tresses of her softly bobbing head. It was clear he would now find all other women third-rate compared to her. When Rachel had sucked and stroked her step-son to the brink of orgasm, she leaned back and invited him to 'cum for step-mommie'. David promptly did just that - unleashing a thick load of his hot white step-son-juice all over her chest and bare-breasts. Seeing the way it coated her, Rachel joking that he had just "bought step-mommie a pearl-necklace". Afterwards, she took pleasure in a seduction well done. Her step-son was very contented and clearly in her thrall. She had no diffculty in convincing him to go with the Digby's step-daughter in future. As for his date with his girlfriend, Rachel no longer had any worries about it. Cum-drained as he was, David's sexual-drive would be far to low for her to exploit him. Rachel smiled at that. From now on, she was the only woman who would be getting any action out of her step-son.


November 27, 2023