Surprise son with lap dance

⁣Jodi is frustrated, working on the computer again in the kitchen. She is balancing her bank account, and it just seems that no matter how well she budgets, the expenses keep piling up. She must try to find creative ways to cut corners, without having the family sacrifice everything they like doing. Jimmy walks by on his way to school. "I'm going to need money for lunch this week" the young man informers her, not thinking it's a big deal. The school must not be teaching him how economically hard times are today or how to be fiscally responsible! "What!, You just got paid on Friday. What happened to all your money!" Jodi asks, exasperated at yet another expenditure. Her stepson tries to explain, but she already knows. Jodi has found receipts to the bar "The Cougar Club" in his pants pocket while she was doing his laundry. "Well.. I went out with my friends after work on Friday...." Jimmy rambles on, but she knows the real challenge. Her stepson is a virile young man, and he and his friends have the needs that young men have! Jodi gives him a few dollars, but knows something must change, and soon! After Jimmy leaves, Jodi goes quickly to work on the computer. She must find alternatives to her stepson spending all his hard earned money at those kinds of places. What she finds surprises her. That night, when Jimmy comes home, Jodi has a surprise for him. She has converted their own living room into the type of stripper club atmosphere that she found online. Jodi has him sit down and hands him a drink to enjoy. She is dressed in a short, clingy dress that accents her figure. "Look, I made a club for you so you and your friends don't have to go out this Friday and spend all your money" Jodi proudly explains. Jimmy informers her that there is more to the club, and that the women there do more then just serve drinks. Jodi is already prepared for this! She removes her dress and shows off her newly bedazzled bathing suit. "Look, this is just like the stripper women wear". But Jodi finds out that a lot more goes on in the club then she read about online. Her stepson starts telling her everything they do to earn his money. Jodi starts to comply, trying to make Jimmy's experience as realistic as possible. She slowly lap dances for him.... She starts to rub his hardening manhood over... then under.. his pants.. Soon, as per his coaxing, she has his member in her mouth. "are you sure they do this kind of thing.." Jodi asks, knowing she must show him a good time if he is to convince his friends not to go to that expensive club again this Friday night. "Well, sometimes the girls even put it inside them as they dance for us.." Her stepson explains to her. She knows what she has to do, and as her stepson sits quietly, she lowers herself onto his hard flesh! It doesn't take long, and soon her wet, tight womanhood is making him explode in white, creamy release! She pulls out his erection and his seed fires off high into the air in filthy excitement! As the two are recovering, she asks for confirmation in her work. Her son is sure that he and his friends will spend less time at the strip club, and more time at home! Jodi is on a road trip with her stepson, when the Bed and Breakfast she booked has blotched their reservations and over-booked. They only have one small room for the two of them to stay in. This is not such bad news, but it will be tight for the night as there is only one bed! Jodi soothes Frankie's growing apprehensions by explaining it is only for one night, and they will be up early to head off to his aunt's house in the morning. "Now let's just grab some supper and go to bed" Jodi says as they unpack their suitcases. After supper they climb into the bed. The winter night has put a chill in the air. As the two try to sleep, something is happening that neither one of them has control over. The young man has gotten an erection and it is pressing into his stepmom! "Make that go away" Jodi demands, but Frankie has no luck. After trying several ideas, she is left with only one option... They need a good night sleep, so Jodi finally suggests that he places himself inside her, and doesn't move. Then they can go to sleep. Passions take over and soon both are finding ways to use this youthful erection. When her stepson is ready, he sprays his seed all over Jodi. They can then, finally settle in and get a good night sleep.

October 16, 2023