The Unfortunate Orphan

Miss Ashley told Claire she had a special surprise for her. And boy was it! She put her hands over her new daughters face and leads her into the living room. She then reveals the surprise. It was her real Step-Daddy! Claire had not seen him in years. She is in disbelief and then jumps in his arms! She sits on his lap while he explains that he had been trying to find her for years! He was so happy when Miss Ashley contacted him and told him where she was. Miss Ashley interrupts and asks him if she should tell her or was he going to do it. Step-Daddy tells Claire that as long as she has to live with Miss Ashley he can only see her on the weekends. But in order to do that Miss Ashley wants them to do something for her. He has a hard time saying what that is. But he finally come out and tells her that they must have sex in front of Miss Ashley. But he tells his long lost Step-Daughter that it's a small price to pay in order to be able to see each other. Miss Ashley gowns impatient and tells Claire to kiss Step-Daddy. She is reluctant until Step-Daddy tells her he loves her and everything will be ok. They kiss passionately. Claire asks her Step-Mommy if she should suck Daddys cock first. Miss Ashley smiles and puts Claire on her knees and get's out Daddys big black cock! She tries to take it in her mouth but its too big. Miss Ashley shows her how to do it properly. They both suck his huge cock. He cums all over their faces and Miss Ashley then cums swaps it with his Step-Daughter. As hot as that was Miss Ashley says she still has to fuck him. She rides Daddys big cock as she cums over and over again. Finally Miss Ashley tells her Step-Daddy to cum inside of his babygirl. As he unleashes a huge load in his tight Daughters pussy Miss Ashley smiles and says how wrong it is that he is cuming so much inside of his long last Step-Daughter!


November 30, 2023