Very SPECIAL PRESENT For Christmas From Your STEP-MOMMY!!!

My baby boy...I know we had difficult year. And this is the first Christmas when we are just two of us since your step-father left!!! And I really, really want this Christmas to be special for you! So I just find our and just our new tradition!!! Yes...the night before can open one present! And if I can help this one!'s something very special!!! I just wanted to thank you so much how kind and sweet you've been whole year! How supportive and helpful to your step-mother...and to show you how much step-mommy loves you!!! And as you are the MAN in the family now...and only man in your step-mother's live...and only man step-mommy is happy with!!! This the beginning of special relation ship! OUR love relation ship my step-son!!! Step-Mommy will let you take her!!! Yes my baby are now step-mommy's MAN!!!


November 30, 2023