Bonding With Step Mom II: Taboo: Mandy Flores

You are my stepmom and you walk into the kitchen wearing something very skimpy as you always dress like this around me. You'd like to talk to me about the party you are planning tonight. My step-father was supposed to help you set everything up but he got called into work and you can't do it all by yourself. I have plans to go camping with my buddies for the weekend. You know I won't give up going just to help you with a party. So you remind me about the birthday present you gave me and how much I loved all the sex we had. You tell me that with my step-father gone, we won't have to rush or be quite. You can show me how good it feels when you go slow and take your time. So you ask, would I rather go camping with my friends or get fucked by my hot stepmom. I obviously agree to stay home with you. You tell me to go to my room and you'll be there shortly. You come into my room, I'm lying on the bed ready to go and the sex begins. Your attitude should be a mixture of grateful, playful and sexy. Some of the dirty talk can be about how you felt sore the morning after my birthday sex, how I'm the only person who's ever cum'd inside you five times in one day, how much fun it was sneaking around that day so my step-father didn't find out. You can make me cum a few times but I want it to be from you being slow and sexy and not from fast sex. When you're riding me have it be a mix of you sitting up straight (maybe flex your abs a bit as you grind) and you almost laying flat on me with your face close to the camera....Mandy Flores


December 9, 2023